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Emma Green

Emma’s oil paintings explore Suffolk’s coastal landscape – it’s wildness, remoteness and the
fleeting changes of light and atmosphere.
She studied at Ipswich School of Art followed by a Fine Art Degree in Hull before returning
to Suffolk in 2002, where the saltmarsh and estuaries provide a constant source of

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“ I think my paintings lie somewhere between figuration and abstraction. I paint intuitively,
exploring always the physical qualities of the oil paint. Thick opaque areas combine with
dilute washes of colour. Some areas are scraped back to reveal hidden layers and textures
underneath. Flicks and sprays of paint evoke coastal flora, flocks of wading birds flying up on
the incoming tide, or patterns and debris left behind by old wooden boats in the mud.I love
the names of boats - Persephone, Black Cat, Cobweb … often titling my paintings after them.
The act of painting is very physical , gestural, but I hope ultimately that my work is suffused
with a sense of calm.”

Emma also works upon floral studies of the plants found here on the Suffolk Coast and more
recently, the cherry blossom each spring at White House Farm as part of the Alde Valley
Spring Festival, in an ongoing artist residency. Her work can be found there as well as at The
Gallery -Snape Maltings, ArtDog London, Thompsons Galleries & Cambridge Contemporary

Her influences are varied, from Joan Mitchell’s abstract expressionist works, to Joan
Eardley’s immersive plein air landscapes and the meditative ‘splashed ink’ landscapes of
Fifteenth Century Japanese artist, Sesshu Toyo.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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