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Jim Racine

I make all my own bronze with my own hands, from beginning to end, from wax to patina. This is important to an artist because, as in life ,the journey is as relevant as the arrival.I create two kinds of work: one is an attempt on the sublime in sculpture, which is normally the preserve of painting. To this effect, the Monumenty, and Bird Alphabet series are about placing the human artefact in nature, within the landscape, where it can command the pictorial, bring sky to earth and earth to sky. They are seeking an ideal for civilised aspirations and the extraordinary: Monumenties like Angelic and Caryatid are a monument to an unstated future happening. They travel back through time to the present then carry on forwards for 10,000 years. The Bird Alphabet is an attempt to create a sculptural written language for birds, to create a meta-alien language and so rewrite the basis for sculptural expression and create entirely new and unique art.

​I specialize in making the 'uncastable' and also take on private commissions, casting, fabrication and restoration projects, to public art standard for artists and designers.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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