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Meryem Siemmond

Meryem believes that creativity is simply our natural human instincts; it is what being human is all about. 
Each stone’s natural beauty is usually her starting point into exploring organic shapes. Her style is between realism and abstraction, allowing our imagination do its work: magical realism….
Meryem finds the whole process of creating a piece meditative, from the early stages giving shape, to the long hours hand polishing. The natural elegance of stone, sturdy nature and versatility make the whole experience addictive. Meryem takes part in international workshops as a tutor (and a participant). Session(s) are available with her at Butley Mills Studios too. She prefers to use discarded stones from quarries. One day her funny stories carrying stone in her luggage might be written down   

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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